Wednesday, December 23, 2015

30 Days of MEsty - a cleansing of the mind

The last year and a half, I've had a lot of fun. A lot. I've met some great people; some that will always mean a lot to me. Some, not so much, but I learned a lesson from them in some way, so it's all good. Some weren't around long enough to fall into either of those categories.

I went out a lot. I drank a lot (I don't think I could begin to count how many nights I drank my dinner.) But I also vegged in my bedroom. A lot. Hiding from the world and everything that it included. I binged on Netflix. I've referred to Netflix as "my one true soul mate" for Pete's sake. And, of course, social media. 

I used all of these things as a distraction to not fully deal with the grief that I was feeling.

My "30 Days of MEsty" is a jump start to ending the using things as a distraction; to get myself on a different path now. I don't need "distractions" any longer, but after a while of doing the same things over and over again they develop into go-to habits.

In January, I'm cutting out Facebook and all other social media, Netflix/TV, alcohol, and dating. For thirty days; a cleansing of the mind.

The one I presume I will have the most difficulty with is the Netflix! But, maybe I will prove myself wrong and one of the other things will be more difficult.

I will let you know - blogging is not something I am cutting out. 

Seeing that I am a human being, I'm sure I will slip on something. So, don't give me TOO much shit if you happen to see me like something on Facebook.

But, as my friends that know me well are very aware of, "Misty Mouth" is not afraid to speak up and out. If I slip up, you will be the first to know.

Update: 1/27/16
I stayed off of Facebook and social media for about two weeks. With no going out and socialization and whatever, I felt like I just needed at least a peek into the outside world when I was at home winding down before bed a bit. Facebook is really the only way I can keep up with my family and friends in Indiana, and I felt really deprived and secluded from them. And then I thought, well, I'm making these rules up as I go. And I can do what I want, so. It was still the kick start that I needed to stop spending 'so' much time on Facebook and other sites, though. When I wasn't on for two weeks, I actually removed all of the apps off of my phone. I have them all back now and can keep up with my peeps at home in the heartland and the new baby in the family, etc. I went through and unfollowed most of the pages that I was following on Facebook, so now i can do a quick scroll through and just see what I want to see from my actual friends and family and don't have to sit and sift through a crap load of posts to see the important ones.

Not looking for any company other than my good friends sometimes. I have to laugh when someone tells me well you'll find that special someone eventually. Well, I'm not LOOKING. I'm not trying to "find" anyone. Some don't understand that. I'm completely content right now just being single and just being me and re-discovering myself and who I am without anyone else's input on the subject. And just from these almost-30 days, I've realized I'm probably going to want to do this a lot longer than I was thinking I would. I've realized I have only just BEGUN to brush the surface And I look forward to more time, with me.

I'm off of my Netflix binges now. I still have it, but I now have a digital TV box in my room, so just a little regular local TV sometimes and no "multiple season marathons" anymore.

I've been reading a lot and doing different projects around my apartment and trying to cook new and different things and Spending more time outside with the dog. And of course I hang out and talk with my boys when they are home.

Oh! and blogging here. :P   I haven't actually blogged as much as I thought I would, though. There have been a few longer posts that I posted, and did end up changing back to a draft status and unpublished for whatever reason. So, there has actually been more than what is showing now. I may go back and re-define those and re-post. I don't know. I can do what I want. So, I will. And I do.

Popcorn and chocolate with a side of wine,

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cheers in Lake Mary begins paint parties by "Cheers to the Brush"

 Paintin' and a'drankin'

I posted a couple weeks ago about my favorite local bar, Cheers in Lake Mary, doing a paint night.

It was great fun and my painting actually turned out hang-worthy... in my eyes, anyway! 
It's currently hanging on my bedroom wall. I love it, and love looking at it.

If you look at the picture below, you can tell it looks quite a bit different than the one they were giving direction on how to paint. I didn't continue when others did. I got to a point where I loved the way that it looked, at that moment... and I didn't feel any more was needed, or necessary... for my painting.  But, everyone kind of put their own spin on it, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The paint party was provided by 
I linked to their website above. Here is the Cheer's to the Brush Facebook Page.

On the left is Kim Kovan, the owner of Cheers to the Brush. Her mobile paint party was fantastic, and I will definitely attend again. I love Cheers Lake Mary and I love this as a fun activity that's 'different.'  It was a terrific combination! (So many Cheers!)

Tina, the manager of Cheers, confirmed with me 40 people had RSVP'd for the paint party, and only two people failed to show up for participation. The event began at 7pm. My friend, JC, and I arrived at 6:30. The entire side of the bar was already set up. Each painter was set up with a canvas and easel, an assortment of paint colors, three different sized paint brushes, a rinsing cup, paper towel to dab their brushes after rinsing, and a white apron. The cost of the paint party was $25.00 each. You could pay in either cash or credit, and this was paid directly to Cheers to the Brush during the 'intermission' when we let the background dry before starting on the tree part of the painting. Food and beverages were available separately from the bar/kitchen per usual from the Cheers staff. I believe it lasted about two hours in total.

This was Cheers'  first paint night, but it appears they will be continuing them monthly or bi-monthly. The next scheduled event is August 13th. Mixing it up for different interests, for $20 each, the participants of the next event will be painting a set of 2 'football' or 'golf' wine glasses, mason jars, or beer mugs.

Some more pictures...


Yes, there was one man participating... He came over to our table during the night and told us it was because he heard there was going to be 40 women there. Take note men, he may be onto something.

Good Times! See ya'll next time.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Paintin' and a'drankin'

My local bar is doing a paint night on July 2nd. I've gotten my trusty sidekick, JC, to go with me.

Below is the painting we'll all be doing. We'll see how close I get to this. I will post the finished product next month! I've been wanting some more art for my new apartment. Hopefully it will end up 'hang worthy' and not something that will be quietly placed in my closet. This isn't really something I would pick out at a store to hang up in my home, but it will be a nice reminder of a nice time out with friends!... making memories, having fun, and living life.

Bar Arting!  If I remember to, I'll try to take some video while I'm there.

JC AND ME when we were in Key West LAST WEEKEND!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The First of Many

The first post on my new blog. I figured starting a NEW one was completely in order, yes? YES!

I bought myself a Chromebook yesterday on a whim. Best present I could have ever given myself.  I love me. I am the best. I know me so well.

A keyboard again under my fingertips! An actual keyboard! I'm so happy about it.

FIRST OF ALL, do not look at "party of one" and think, awww. Because it is not a bad thing! I have embraced my party of one status. It is my CHOICE to remain a party of one. At least for now. I could have already been in a relationship again after this short time (the ex-husband and I split about a year ago), but why. WHY? Why on earth would I do that?!

After being with the same person since I was fifteen years old, and now single for the first time, EVER, at the age of 42? Good God. I am not going to latch on to the first person I come across. Well, or the 2nd.  Or the 3rd. I am not afraid to be single. "Single" does not mean "alone and unhappy." At least not in the world of Misty.

It's only forward now! And I am having fun!