Monday, June 22, 2015

Paintin' and a'drankin'

My local bar is doing a paint night on July 2nd. I've gotten my trusty sidekick, JC, to go with me.

Below is the painting we'll all be doing. We'll see how close I get to this. I will post the finished product next month! I've been wanting some more art for my new apartment. Hopefully it will end up 'hang worthy' and not something that will be quietly placed in my closet. This isn't really something I would pick out at a store to hang up in my home, but it will be a nice reminder of a nice time out with friends!... making memories, having fun, and living life.

Bar Arting!  If I remember to, I'll try to take some video while I'm there.

JC AND ME when we were in Key West LAST WEEKEND!

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