Sunday, June 21, 2015

The First of Many

The first post on my new blog. I figured starting a NEW one was completely in order, yes? YES!

I bought myself a Chromebook yesterday on a whim. Best present I could have ever given myself.  I love me. I am the best. I know me so well.

A keyboard again under my fingertips! An actual keyboard! I'm so happy about it.

FIRST OF ALL, do not look at "party of one" and think, awww. Because it is not a bad thing! I have embraced my party of one status. It is my CHOICE to remain a party of one. At least for now. I could have already been in a relationship again after this short time (the ex-husband and I split about a year ago), but why. WHY? Why on earth would I do that?!

After being with the same person since I was fifteen years old, and now single for the first time, EVER, at the age of 42? Good God. I am not going to latch on to the first person I come across. Well, or the 2nd.  Or the 3rd. I am not afraid to be single. "Single" does not mean "alone and unhappy." At least not in the world of Misty.

It's only forward now! And I am having fun!

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