Monday, July 13, 2015

Cheers in Lake Mary begins paint parties by "Cheers to the Brush"

 Paintin' and a'drankin'

I posted a couple weeks ago about my favorite local bar, Cheers in Lake Mary, doing a paint night.

It was great fun and my painting actually turned out hang-worthy... in my eyes, anyway! 
It's currently hanging on my bedroom wall. I love it, and love looking at it.

If you look at the picture below, you can tell it looks quite a bit different than the one they were giving direction on how to paint. I didn't continue when others did. I got to a point where I loved the way that it looked, at that moment... and I didn't feel any more was needed, or necessary... for my painting.  But, everyone kind of put their own spin on it, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The paint party was provided by 
I linked to their website above. Here is the Cheer's to the Brush Facebook Page.

On the left is Kim Kovan, the owner of Cheers to the Brush. Her mobile paint party was fantastic, and I will definitely attend again. I love Cheers Lake Mary and I love this as a fun activity that's 'different.'  It was a terrific combination! (So many Cheers!)

Tina, the manager of Cheers, confirmed with me 40 people had RSVP'd for the paint party, and only two people failed to show up for participation. The event began at 7pm. My friend, JC, and I arrived at 6:30. The entire side of the bar was already set up. Each painter was set up with a canvas and easel, an assortment of paint colors, three different sized paint brushes, a rinsing cup, paper towel to dab their brushes after rinsing, and a white apron. The cost of the paint party was $25.00 each. You could pay in either cash or credit, and this was paid directly to Cheers to the Brush during the 'intermission' when we let the background dry before starting on the tree part of the painting. Food and beverages were available separately from the bar/kitchen per usual from the Cheers staff. I believe it lasted about two hours in total.

This was Cheers'  first paint night, but it appears they will be continuing them monthly or bi-monthly. The next scheduled event is August 13th. Mixing it up for different interests, for $20 each, the participants of the next event will be painting a set of 2 'football' or 'golf' wine glasses, mason jars, or beer mugs.

Some more pictures...


Yes, there was one man participating... He came over to our table during the night and told us it was because he heard there was going to be 40 women there. Take note men, he may be onto something.

Good Times! See ya'll next time.