Thursday, January 14, 2016


Someone asked me last week what I was going to DO if I wasn't going to be watching Netflix or getting on Facebook. Well, here's one thing that I can do.... read. Ya don't need the TV on when you're reading. I was sitting on my bedroom floor when I took the picture above, in front of my TV. Yes, that's my TV sitting on a foot stool, leaning against the wall... where it's been since we moved into our new apartment last year in April, nine months ago. A few of my friends offered to put it up for me last year, but I just never set it up for them to come do it. I didn't want to trouble anyone. And, honestly, I really hadn't cared before that it wasn't hung up. I was fine that it was just leaning there. That's what I'd been doing also, anyway... just kind of leaning there. Not quite sure where I wanted to be or where I was supposed to be. Just... leaning. So, it was fine.

Now that I'm getting my bedroom in order, I do want it hung up though. My oldest son got the things to hang it, but we haven't found the doodad part of the TV for the back that has to be on there. (Can you tell why I didn't hang it up myself? Things and doodads. I have no idea how to do it. Though, I couldn't do it myself if I wanted to anyway, I'm too short and it's too heavy.)  It's around somewhere. Though, we keep forgetting to look for it again. I know my boys would have hung it for me a long time ago if I'd really asked them to, but again, I just really didn't care about it at the time. I do have to say that I am looking forward to having it up and looking nicer in my room now.

I ordered these two books with part of my Amazon gift card. Got Wild a couple days ago and started reading it and just received Eat Pray Love today, that I will read next. It's so great to order lots of little things, because then I have surprises to open when I get home from work!

Last week I decided to look for desks online. I wanted a small one for my bedroom. I found this, and I love it! My color, even. It came yesterday and my youngest and I put it together.

I'm gonna read some more now, while I eat. (Chance made rice bowls and they're delish) I know. Such exciting stuff! But, I am so content with life right now... :)

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