Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Old Sh!t

I'm a big fan of Miranda Lambert. She has a song called old Sh!t. I love country music (in addition to soooo many other kinds) but I, too, love old sh!t. Always have. Always will. The handful of times I was allowed to wonder around in my Great Grandma's attic as a kid was simply amazeballs.

I also love ART. An assortment of art, including Picasso.  I ordered this poster print of his Blue Nude that he originally painted in 1902. It's a combination of my two loves! Old stuff, and ART. Though it's washed out, even so, I look forward to finding a frame that I want to put it in, and hanging it in my home. I mean, what do you expect for the little that I paid for it?

That's my remote, holding it down at the bottom, in case you were wondering what that was.

Did I actually just describe Picasso as "old sh!t?"  Yeah. I actually did, I guess.

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