Friday, January 8, 2016

They're not kidding when they say "MEMORY Foam"

I was finally able to get a new bed! I ordered a new frame and mattress for myself. I had been sleeping on the king-size, pre-divorce bed.

I loathed this bed for many reasons. One reason should be obvious. It wasn't my bed. It had been our bed. And not just because of that, but it also held a lot of not-so-great memories between his multiple post-surgeries and me spending more than a month in that darn thing before my back surgery (two years ago this week), which was the most physically painfully agonizing time of my life.

Along with that, this giant bed took up 3/4 of my room. And I like having some empty floor space. It was also uncomfortable.

I purchased the bed and mattress from I had no idea you could order a bed frame and mattress, online, from Target. But, alas. You can! And I did. It's very small, and low to the ground. But, it was inexpensive ($254 for both the frame and mattress.) And it is MINE. Just mine. It's perfect... for now.

It was such a relief when the Salvation Army came and picked up the old one, and it was GONE. Forever! Along with the bed, the constant reminder of all the negative things that it held were also gone.  

This was the first thing I put in my "Happy Jar" for this year. 

I love my room so much more now.

Though, perhaps I shouldn't say the new bed is all mine...

Dice and Spike also approve.

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