Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lake Mary Life

I made my stuffed peppers again a couple nights ago. I first thought both the boys were going to be home, but they ended up being out. Still made them; I made about a double batch this time. This time I added wine.

Not to the food; to myself. A nice glass of chardonnay of which I drink in a regular glass, filled with ice and 1/4 of juice, complete with a straw. I think that makes me more than old, I'm not sure. But, who cares.

I tried to make them exactly the same, but the filling turned out just a tad different. It wasn't quite a double batch so I had to estimate on the amount of some of the stuff I put in. Still good though, even though I probably could have baked them in the oven just a bit longer than I did. I didn't set a timer, and I was yacking on the phone while they were in the oven so I had to estimate on that, as well.

Had a nice evening at home by myself making the stuffed peppers, texting on group chat with my home girls, listened to music, sang freely (since no one was home and the animals can't protest) and caught up with one of my friends on the phone later on that I don't get to see much anymore. It took me a total of three hours from the time I started prepping until they were completed. Three. Hours. It does not take take that long to make them. It just took a lot longer since I was texting during most all of it and had to wash/dry my hands every time I had to reply to something. Which is often when you've got a group chat with FIVE chickadees going.

So, there ya go; an excerpt of my very not-so-exciting-life.  I don't have very much going on right now!



I wanted to do the next paint night at Cheers Lake Mary this month, but I'm trying to save money. I have 3 so far. I posted the first one on here already. Here are the other two that we did for Halloween and Christmas...

(I love this picture of me and JC that we took that night!)

It is always a fun time. And Cheers to the Brush Paint Parties, is always great! If you are in the Central Florida area, you should check out their events on their Facebook page. They do paint parties all around town at different places/dates with different paintings.


I went to Friday night Karaoke at Cheers Lake Mary  a couple of weeks ago again. I hadn't been to karaoke since the beginning of November, so I was having withdrawals. It's my home bar, I guess you would say. It's right near my apartment and the staff there is always great. They have different things pretty much every night of the week with no cover charge. If you like Trivia, they have that. They just started a Bunco tournament. They do poker one night. Ladies night, with drink specials, and of course the paint nights every other month. They change it up sometimes, so like their page for info if you're interested in checking it out.

Penny is the host for karaoke every Friday there and we all love her. She's great! And there is none of that having to "put your name and the song on a piece of paper" thing. You simply tell her that you want to sing, and she puts your name in the rotation. You tell her what song you want to sing when she calls your name. She has pretty much anything that has been released for karaoke. She has very nice cordless mics and mic stands - enough to accommodate for when a group of singers want to go up together. And if you want to sing a duet, but you need a partner, there will always generally be some regular karaoke goers who can accompany you.


That's all I have for now. Wait, you're still here? Thanks for hanging in. I'll try to be more exciting next time.

Have fun in life and appreciate the good things of every day, no matter how small they might seem. 

Coffee at 8:20pm because who needs sleep,