Monday, March 14, 2016

Dresses received. Tiny. Tiny. Dresses.

Update to the Meh. No packages... again. post

No one ever did respond to my email that I sent to the email address that's on their pay pal account. And I am still not a fan of how their website (Rose Wholesale) is as far as contacting them. I did receive the dresses in the mail the very next day after I posted about them.

My son asked me if I looked at their sizing chart when I ordered them. I don't remember seeing one. I've since looked for one on their site and I wasn't able to find one at first. But, it was down at the bottom of the page on the item page. I had ordered XL in both dresses. I gave them to a friend at work. She wears a size 3 and she told me today they fit her perfectly. (See my friend, Kristin, below)  I wear a 10-12.... So, obviously I did not size it correctly. haha

If you can get the sizing right, I think it's worth the money; it would be a good site to buy cute and inexpensive things. That is, if you don't mind waiting a while to receive them just because of where they're coming from. But, I don't know how they will hold up after some wear and washing. They are inexpensively made with very thin material. But they were both less than $7 each with free shipping. How they hold up after a wash or two, who knows. I'll find out from my friend. They should probably be hand washed, though, they probably will not hold up long at all if you put in the washer with other clothing.

One of the dresses currently shows as Sold Out as the picture on their website now.

Just giving you my experiences! I probably won't order from them any more in the future. I don't like having to do sizing charts and figuring out what size I would need.

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