Saturday, April 16, 2016

Flying thoughts

I briefly popped out my Chromebook towards the end of my flight home yesterday...

I’m having a fabulous flight going back home.

Though the can of Bud Light - a brand that I normally don’t drink - cost me six bucks, it is very complimentary to my very relaxing flight. There's something about slightly filling my dainty little plastic airplane cup; pour a wee pit, sip a wee bit, and so on and so forth, while reading about the mellowness of the true Italian’s spirit in my current reading of “Eat Pray Love.”

I would also like another beer. Even though it is six dollars. And even though it is a Bud Light. But, alas, they only come through one time. Do they allow you to buy more than one alcoholic beverage at a time when they come through? I’ve never tried. When I'm on a plane I never think, “Well, maybe I’ll want a second one... later.”

My ears have begun to pop, so I assume we are beginning our decent.

I had a middle seat on the flight home [to Indiana.] I have a middle seat on my flight home now [to Florida.] On this one, no one came to sit on the other side of me. So, I got to pop over to the window seat. Another attribute to my very fine flight.

My week-long visit to one of my two homes, Indiana, was a very good one. When I refer to Florida, I refer to it as home. But, I also do this with Indiana. I am very lucky in that I have not one, but two places that I can call home. Not everyone has that. It is both a blessing and a curse, however. 

For no matter which “home” you happen to be located at any given time, you are always leaving the other one, and the people there, behind. 

It is an endless cycle of being at one, while missing the other; always.

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