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Painting with a Twist - Evansville, Indiana & Altamonte Springs, Florida

Well, you already know I like to paint. I've posted multiple times about going to the paint nights at my favorite local Bar that's right near me here in Lake Mary, Florida - Cheers. I've done four paintings at Cheers. Five? Well, four or five. It is lots of fun there, too, with Kim from Cheers to the Brush (which I just saw is going to start doing WOOD art, too! yay!!!) it's just a different atmosphere.  (And Cheers to the Brush can also come to youuu.) I will for sure be back to Cheers for some paint nights, as well.

Painting with a Twist: Evansville, Indiana

We did a paint night while I was visiting home in Indiana. My sister set up a private party since we had enough for a class to ourselves with the family. Before my trip, my sister sent me a link that they had sent her where we could pick which painting we wanted to do. There were, literally, over four thousand paintings to choose from! It was hard to pick one. But, I wanted to do something "country," so we ended up agreeing on this one...

This was my first experience at any Painting with a Twist location, and it was a private party, rather than the normal seatings that they do daily/weekly. They sent my sister a link that she could forward to anyone that we wanted to invite to our party. It included the code to put in that allowed them to reserve a seat for our particular private party. I am unclear if it was mandatory for you to pay in advance with a credit/debit card. I think most of us did, but I believe some that attended had not reserved online and just paid when they arrived. It may not have been a huge deal as long as the amount of people that was required in order to have the private party did reserve and pay in advance.

[Their Facebook page]

We had the smaller back room and our party was scheduled for a Wednesday from 4pm-6pm. Nothing else was going on in the front bigger room at the time of our party, but if we had ended up having more people than the smaller back room would hold, they said they could move us to the bigger main room. I'm sure some advance notice was required for that, as they had to set up and prepare for the amount of people.

When we arrived, we checked in with our name at the front desk, they gave us our canvas and directed us to the room we were to go, and could sit where ever we wanted. 

We were able to bring in any snacks and non-alcoholic beverages that we wanted for our group during our party. If anyone wanted an alcoholic beverage, you were able to purchase beer or wine at $4.00 each.

It was a very nice gathering for our group. We all enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun. I don't remember the name of the artist that was leading our class, but she was very nice and she was very entertaining.

The only thing that me and some others didn't like about our party was that we just wanted more wine than was offered and the servings were very small; not the normal amount of a regular glass of wine. The person that had been at the front desk came around once at the beginning of our class and took orders from everyone and then brought the ordered drinks. And then half-way through, only after we asked about it, the artist that was leading got a second one for anyone that wanted one.  

Since this was my first time at this location, (none of us had ever been there before), I have no idea if that's how it always is, or if it was just because we were a private party and there wasn't as many staff on-site than if it was a full big room, or if it was just a one-off.

Our group picture...

A few more pics that I snapped while we were there...

Me with my sisters... 

And a close up of mine...
(I wasn't going to try to bring it on the plane with me, and it was too big to try to pack, so my sister and her husband shipped it to me after I was back home in Florida.)

(Now that I look at this picture of it again, it looks comparable to something I probably did with crayons when I was 7. haha But, it was fun doing! That's all that matters.)

And, one with my cat, Dice... (he wasn't impressed with my 'human shenanigans')

After I had been back home a while, I just wanted to paint something again. I looked up my local Painting with a Twist in Altamonte Springs, which is near where I live in Lake Mary. I was just browsing around one morning on their Facebook page when I came across an elephant painting that they were doing at a class that very evening. Well, I'm a big elephant lover. (Especially right now in celebration of no more forced performances at the Circus! yay!) 
And, I like wine. And this particular painting incorporated the two. How could I not like it? So, I went ahead and paid for my seat for that class on their website. With such short notice, I didn't have any friends that were free to go with me, so I went by myself.

Before arriving, I did see on their website one main and big difference between the location in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and the one I had just been to in Evansville, Indiana. In Altamonte, you brought your OWN wine or beer. (Hard liquor is not allowed.) They would even open your bottle of wine for you, and also provided glasses to you if you didn't bring your own. (Many people did bring in their own wine glasses.) Like the other one, you could also bring your own snacks in.

I hadn't realized it before I got there, but when I checked in at the front desk and the girl asked me if I was doing the elephant or the giraffe, I realized you had your choice between two different paintings. I said the elephant and she handed me a canvas that already had the outline of the elephant sketched on it. 

(SWEET!... I thought to myself. I had been wondering how that was going to work out for me.)  

Those that had picked the other one to do also had their giraffe already sketched on their canvas.  

After I got my canvas, I was told that the seating was assigned, and which table I would find my name.

I found my name written in marker on a paper plate that was turned over to sit atop another plate that had my paint ready to go.

The Altamonte location had the same set up and format as the Evansville location. This class was in the main, larger front room and it seemed to be a full house with all seats taken by the time everyone had arrived. I noticed there were a LOT of couples in attendance. Which made sense since you had the options of the two different paintings to do. Neat and different date night, for sure. Everyone seemed to have a very good time, and even though I was there by myself, I also did have a very good time.

They did more breaks than the other class, (but this was also the biggest class I think I'd ever been involved with) and the artist/leader came around and helped anyone that needed assistance on certain things, which is the norm in any paint class that I've been to anywhere.

One thing that I liked ALOT, and had never encountered before at a paint night, was when doing this we were all given a little piece of white chalk when it was time to draw our wine glass (or wine bottle if you were doing the giraffe one.)  So, we could lightly draw with the chalk the outline we wanted for it, and could easily erase it with a damp paper towel if we messed up and needed to re-do it. Awesome idea! And then once you got the outline that you were going to go with, you could simply go over it with the brush and paint.

The people that worked there were very nice and the artist that lead the class was very good.

Again, there was only one thing that I thought could be better out of everything and that was that there were some single people like me that were by themselves, and we were seated in between larger parties. Since we weren't there with anyone else, I think it would have been ideal to have sat us together.  We could have maybe chatted amongst ourselves since none of us were there with anyone else. When I received the thank you for attending email from them, I did email back that I had a very nice time, but suggested that about the seating. They replied very nicely and said they would forward the suggestion to whomever does the seating.

This was my finished product...
[The way the eye looks, was my own twist. I like it a lot and have it hanging above my kitchen bar. I think later on I'm going to get some paints and brushes and add something additional to the outer gray portion and then maybe also add something to my Martini glass one that I previously did at Cheers with Cheers to the Brush, to incorporate the two to kind of go together since I have both of them hanging in my kitchen.]

I will be back to the Altamonte Springs location again! Hopefully not by myself next time. :) There are other locations in the Orlando area, but I think Altamonte is the closest one to me.

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